Wohnen und Meer - Bootsvermietung / Boat Rental
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Tender boats
Coaching boats
Press boats
bootWOHNENUNDMEER offers you the simple way to rent motorized inflatables either as shuttleboats or coach-
boats as well as press-
boats daily, with or without driver operator.

You can display your brand, i.e company logo, at the stern as well as on the flagstand.
  Experience the regattas in a new way by being part of the competition, and always near the places of happenings.

Your comfort is ensured - as our boats are perfectly equipped. Also the different motorstrength ensure an equipment, ideal adapted to your needs.

Ask us - and nothing will stand between you and the adventure!
- AVON Adventure open - Our Models
  AVON 560, Year 2005/ 70 PS
  AVON 620, Year 2006/ 115 PS
  AVON 620, Year 2004/ 140 PS